Tom Brazil and Charles “Chucky” Rosa on Bridge to Recovery with John Broderick and Rick Brutti

Chucky Rosa UFC MMA Fighter and non-profit public speaker in the presentation of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
If you are looking for an organization that is Boston Strong, look no further than Chucky’s Fight, a non-profit organization that seeks to help knock out substance abuse through education and prevention. Charles “Chucky” Rosa lost his two oldest sons to accidental drug overdoses before starting the non-profit, Chucky’s Fight. Since then, his mission is to help young adults and others achieve sobriety through various measures.

With help with local businessman Tom Brazil, who is running over 100 miles before and in the Boston Marathon next week, Rosa and Brazil will raise awareness and funds to “a cause worth fighting for”: Chucky’s Fight. Chucky Rosa visits middle and high schools regularly to discuss the dangers of drugs and alcohol to young adults. And, according to Rosa, the students listen to the “real deal.” At the end of the discussion, students can ask questions and receive dog tags with “Help Knock Out Substance Abuse” and a fighter stamped on it.

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Charles Rosa, the founder of Chucky’s Fight, identified there was a heroin epidemic in New Hampshire and decided to reinforce the issues through continued education and preventative measures. For those seeking help, Rosa tries to send them out of their comfort zones. As a faith-based organization, doing something differently and pursuing alternative avenues, such as sending them down to Florida. Rosa said, “[He was] lucky [to help addicts] get out of dodge.”

On a daily basis, Chucky goes to Seabrook Beach to swim in the Atlantic Ocean, the location he spread his sons’ ashes. Local businessman Tom Brazil is running four marathons back to back including the Boston Marathon to support the cause and raise money for the non-profit. People can contribute by donating money per mile or by spreading the word.

Just remember: “Everyone is a fighter.”