This page features 3 examples of how categories could be displayed to a user for the general “Browse Categories” Page.

The images for this first one are very crudely done (ideally the text background would be subject related); as this whole page is very draft/decision-status right now. This basically abstracts the “Browse Topics” menu into a more visual selection for people who do not or can not click or wait for the dropdown menu. I think this is the simplest and best choice usability wise, though it will require the most administrative work since thumbnails need to be made and linked for each category. Also demonstrated on the thumbnails are 4 different auto frame styles: Border+Shadow, None, Shadow, Grey.

The second version is very compact and potentially could be used on it’s own or included with the first because of this. It is also an example of a post listing style that could be used elsewhere in the site.

The third style is capable of displaying all the posts of an entire category infinite scroll style (or by pages if we wanted to go old-school). I mostly like it’s similarity to the other category specific listings, while allowing for people to see more specific sub-categories like “Entertainment” or “Authors.”

Obviously I want everyone’s thoughts on all subjects.

Select a Category to see related posts. This is the “Thumbnail Style”

Entrepreneur Videos Podcasts and Articles by Expert Startup Industry Leaders
Technology Videos Podcasts and Articles by Computer and Software Experts
Management Videos Podcasts and Articles by Expert Organization Leaders

Select a Category to see related posts. This is the “List Style”

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