Today on Overlooking the Battlefield, Rick Brutti and Joe Petrowski discuss culture and the effect on businesses and the economy

Joe Petrowski - Overlooking the Business Battlefield Talk Radio Podcast

Specifically he talks about the change from the intelligence test to the culture test. Joe and Rick also talk about the drug culture, and how education is necessary to return to a more valuable culture in society.

Growing up with a good education and also being involved in sports and playgrounds as Joe did provided a motivation and competitive edge that he had used later on to become successful and enhance the world of business. One of the things that the most recent society has lost is the competiveness and drive for hard work and success.

Listen to Experts Talk About Culture and it’s Effect on Businesses and the Economy


What is the culture test? A culture test looks at the characteristics and traits of a person. Joe Petrowski talks about hiring interns and some of the merits that they look. These include: high motivation, resiliency, competitiveness, innovation, time management and leadership abilities. When talking to a friend about the NFL and what they look for when recruiting people, the answer was the culture test. Although the NFL does have to look at the player’s fitness capabilities, it wasn’t the only thing they consider. They analyze motivation, competitiveness and other cultural characteristics.

Joe also talks about the well-known drug culture. Marijuana and alcohol, both prevalent in society contribute to the ever-growing usage of drugs in culture and society today. In order to get away from the drug culture and the usage of drugs, we should stop glorifying and advertising the drug culture and focus more on what makes a valuable society and enhancing the economy.

In order to get back to a valuable society culture, it starts with education.