At the Boston-based Summit this year, UR Business Network caught up with Ransel Potter, CEO and Founder of the Summit, to hear his story and to get his thoughts on the progress of this year’s event.

The C3 Summit Event Exchanging Practices United States and the Arab Region Healthcare Business

Each year, the C3 Healthcare Summit assembles business leaders, policy makers, educators and medical professionals to uncover and promote both U.S. and Arab world initiatives that are focused on healthcare improvements. Companies like Intel, GE, and MERCK were in attendance this year.

He spoke about his journey from his inception of the collaborative event to where he is today, as well as about the progress that is being made in the healthcare industry as a result of what he has done.



Like many, he believes that the C3-Summit is a critical event to facilitate conversations about some of the biggest issues in healthcare with people from all corners of the healthcare sector. Ransel has indeed created a “ripple” that he hopes will continue to have an impact for years to come.


For information on the C3-Summit you can visit their site here.


Editor: Tony Simonetti