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Listen to Ken Schwaber on Chaos Tuesday Podcast


This week Ken Schwaber returns to Chaos Tuesday to discuss his new book Software in 30 Days. Prior to starting Ken had a software consulting business for almost 28 years. Ken says he started scrum to keep his business going and now it has taken off.

Ken’s new book discusses how agile software development creates value. During the interview, Ken shares the three key messages he wants people to take away from the book.


  1. There has been a huge shift in the software industry, however there is no reason why someone can’t get viable, useful, functioning software in 30 days or less.
  2. Agile and scrum is not the way people have been trained to think and therefore there is a whole learning process that needs to happen. That is why Ken suggests implementing innovation laboratories to help people learn better.
  3. Measure it! Understand that this is going to cost money, so you should measure the investment and the benefits.

Ken and Jim also discuss the differences between good and bad agile. Ken says that one of the biggest Agile mistakes is that they don’t realize what a profound change it is. Agile is meant to instill constant learning and continuous improvements. When using Agile you need to see how things are going and make adjustments all the time. Agile methods, including Scrum, focus on delivering software products quickly thus improving the return on value.  Agile methods consist of iterations, small groups, fast feedback, and continuous retrospectives.