Getting Projects Done Better and More Efficiently. Efficiency and accuracy are key for coding.

Unfortunately, most projects are late, with the failure rate around 86%!


Jeff Sutherland -CEO at Scrum, Inc -Computer Software
This means only 14% of projects are completed, and working, on time!

On this episode of Chaos Tuesday, Jim and Rick have in the studio Jeff Sutherland of Scrum, Inc. As the world leader of Scrum implementation, Jeff talks about the importance of testing in the sprints, the basic, most important values that should guide coding, and watching companies eliminate 90% of defects!

Jeff is the co-creator of Scrum and a leading expert on how the framework has evolved to meet the needs of today’s business. The methodology he developed in 1993 and formalized in 1995 with Ken Schwaber has since been adopted by the vast majority of software development companies around the world. But Jeff realized that the benefits of Scrum are not limited to software and product development. He has adapted this successful strategy for several other industries including: Finance, healthcare, higher education and telecom.

Listen to Scrum, Inc. CEO Jeff Sutherland on Chaos Tuesday Podcast


As the CEO of Scrum Inc. and the Senior Advisor and Agile Coach to OpenView Venture Partners, Jeff sets the vision for success with Scrum. He continues to share best practices with organizations around the globe and has written extensively on Scrum rules and methods. With a deep understanding of business process — gleaned from years as CTO/CEO of eleven different software companies — Jeff is able to describe the high level organizational benefits of Scrum and what it takes to create hyper-productive teams.