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Christa Jones and Patrick Cornelissen of Endicott College are on MYOB with Rick Brutti and Lindsay Poole

Christa Jones and Patrick Cornelissen of Endicott College are on MYOB with Rick Brutti and Lindsay Poole

Listen to Christa Jones and Patrick Cornelissen on MYOB.

Endicott BostonOn this episode of MYOB, Rick Brutti and Lindsay Poole talk with Christa Jones and Patrick Cornelissen from Edicott College. Endicott College is located in Beverly MA., but they also recently opened a satellite campus in the heart of downtown Boston. The campus opened about 15 months ago and they primarily cater to underprivileged kids.

Right now Endicott College Boston has about 100 students. They have the lowest priced bachelors degree in the state. They are serving an underserved population and giving kinds the opportunity to go to college that may not have thought they could. In addition to being affordable, the Boston campus is easily accessible and can be reached be public transportation. The school also has a great ESL program that is located on the same floor as many of the classes to best serve the students. In addition to their ESL program, Endicott also offers an associates program, bachelors program, and a masters program. You can also get your doctorate at the main Endicott campus. Programs are offered in a variety of subjects, with their hospitality program being one of the strongest in the area. 

Endicott College Boston is also committed to offering as much scholarship money as possible to their students. Scholarships are awarded on a need basis. The Endicott campus is one of the most beautiful in the state, with three private beaches and 250 acres of landscaped lawns. With this back drop, it only makes sense that throughout the year the college holds a number of events to help raise money for their scholarships, including The Misselwood Concours D'Elegance, a top of the line car show. This year will mark the event's misselwoodfifth year and will be held on July 26th and 27th.

Patrick, the event director of Endicott College explains how The Misselwood Concours D'Elegance is unlike your usual car show. He wanted to create a show that had something for the whole family. The car show will be complete with a fashion show, live music, a fancy hat competition, and good food, in addition to the numerous cars. In addition to the Tour d'Elegance and the Concours d'Elegance, there will also be a gala reception taking place in Allston on Saturday evening. Although we don't want to give away too much information, we can tell you that the collection being shown is very impressive.

Be sure to check out Endicott College Boston and don't miss out on The Misselwood Concours D'Elegance event.