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DraftKings CEO and Co-Founder Jason Robins on Brand Cafe

DraftKings CEO and Co-Founder Jason Robins on Brand Cafe

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Fantasy sports also known as rotisserie is a gamewhere players act as owners to build a team that competes against other fantasy owners based on the statistics generated by the real individual players or teams.

About 32 million people age 12 and above in the U.S. and Canada play fantasy sports.

jason robins draftkingsDr. Pam Brill and Mike Cameron are joined by Jason Robins, CEO and co-founder of DraftKings an online gaming destination where players engage in daily fantasy sports competition for cash.

DraftKings is a US based skill games company, and all of their contests are operated 100% legally.

Fantasy sports games are considered games of skill in forty-four states, making playing with financial stakes perfectly legal. About two-thirds of all fantasy sports leagues involve fees and payouts that are typically managed offline by a designated member of the league. DraftKings simplifies the process by handling financial transactions through its site while collecting a commission on every stakes game.

They offer daily fantasy sports play with online settlement, providing gamers with a low inertia a high reward way to play. DraftKings provides fans with comprehensive access to fantasy sports by stripping away the most time intensive and obtrusive elements of conventional play, distilling the game to players’ favorite aspects of fantasy sports.

For the seasoned fantasy sports fan, DraftKings provides ready access to their favorite games. For the casual player, daily play and the clean and streamlined user interface demystify the fantasy sports experience, removing common hurdles to adoption.

Jason created the company with former VistaPrint executives Matthew Kalish, and Paul Liberman. He formerly was with Capital One. and is a Duke ’03 grad.

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