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Emory Polley of Brown University Is On The Business Side Of Sports With Nathan Roman And Stephen Norman.

Emory Polley of Brown University Is On The Business Side Of Sports With Nathan Roman And Stephen Norman.

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Emory PolleyNFL Draft is coming up! It helps get through the part of the year between the Super Bowl and Pre-Season. As painful as it is for you, the fan, to get small fixes of football, the next generation of players are, at this moment, working their cleats off to get them in the best position possible to get drafted.


Emory Polley is a senior out of Brown University, and has thrown in his name for this year’s NFL Draft. As a corner back he led both the Ivy League and the Football Championship Series in interceptions per game. He led the Ivy League in pass breakups and was 10th in the nation. He is now getting ready for his Pro Day on campus.


To prepare for Pro Day, Emory has been focused on eating to gain weight, working out three times a week with his strength coach, and goes down to Next Level to do drills. Drills such as the bench press, the 40 yard sprint, the Shuttle, and the 5-10-5; his performance on these is what he will be judged on by front office personnel .


Emory realized he has a chance at the League when he started his junior year. He looked at his stats, compared them with other guys through out the country, and saw he matched up well.


As the draft approaches, he is getting some encouragement from James Devlin. Devlin is also a Brown alum and he also had a great season with the Pats. He gives Emory some good insight on what it takes to prepare for the Draft and when he gets into the League.


Along with mentoring, Emory has brought on an agent that can help. His agent has a history of representing Brown University players. He thought about other agents, but ultimately decided the familiarity of working with fellow Brown players led him to work with his agent.


Emory Polley is a three-year starter for the Brown University Bears. As an All-America, Polley led the nation with six interceptions, and finished his Brown career with 11 interceptions. This left Emory sixth best all-time on Brown’s interceptions list. He also led Brown with four pass break-ups, making 36 tackles, and was named Ivy League’s Defensive Player of the week after leading the Bear’s defense to a shut-out victory over Penn.