Ben Proulx shares with us hilarious stories in his journey of pursuing his career

Ben Proulx - Freelance Director Motion Pictures and Film

Ben Proulx, Independent Film Director, is on Funny Business talking about the funny side to the entertainment industry and his upcoming film, VisionaryBy Visionary’s IMDB page, the film is about “A 10-year-old with high functioning autisim is cast into a major film. While on set, the director falls in love with her.”

The beginning of the discussion was on the topic of how Proulx got to Los Angeles. Having been from a school with a large film program, he and his fellow film graduates set out to LA together. Proulx goes into the first few networking events he went to in LA and the celebrities het met in Tinseltown. Listen to the interview to hear about Proulx’s journey from MA to LA.

Listen to Ben Proulx on Funny Business


The discussions then moves onto the topic of Ben Proulx’s latest film, Visionary, and his thoughts on feature filmmaking. Proulx tells interesting stories on the set of Visionary and how the whole cast was able to make through the long process. He then shares how as a filmmaker, one goes from creating films for themselves to creating films for an audience. For more insight in the process of filmmaking, listen to Proulx’s interview.

The discussion closes out on a topic that spans from corporate business to entertainment business, and that is networking. There is a significant difference between networking in corporate business and the entertainment business. Proulx describes auditions and networking more like dating than anything formal. For more insight on how auditioning and getting into the entertainment business, click above to hear Proulx’s advice.

Watch the trailer for Proulx’s feature, Visionary, here.