Christian LeFer founder and chief executive of Instant Non-Profit created Turbo1023, a software that automates, creates and approves 501(c)3 non-profits, joins Linda Samuels on the Lemonade Stand.  Christian got his start selling personalized Christmas cards door to door in New Jersey, where he grew up.  From this experience he learned that it wasn’t taking the money that was difficult, it was the delivery of the product that was the hardest part.

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Christian had the entrepreneurial bug from a young age. In addition to selling Christmas cards, Christian mowed lawns and sold parts to bikes and other machines. He also took time to work in his father’s repair shop as a kid. From this he learned that it isn’t so much the ideas as the execution that are important when it comes to running a business. His father also showed him the dedicated needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.

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Christian discovered a love for learning while in college. He graduated with honors from Rutgers. He had started as a business major but switched his focus to history and political science because he fell in love with history. His teachers were inspiring and he felt that he learned the most from learning about where the world came from.After graduating college Christian discovered fundraising and issue advocacy. Christian says he wanted to work for something he was passionate about and for him that was fundraising. One specific area that interests him is adoptive parenting. It is a cause that is close to home. For the past ten years has been a foster and adoptive parent, and has learned about the influence that one person can have on another person’s life.

Christian decided he wanted to find a way to make even more of an impact by helping other’s to complete their mission. The problem is that there is a lot of bureaucracy and roadblocks in the way of doing fundraising, much of which is done by the IRS. Christian developed Turbo1023 in order to help people get through some of the paperwork to avoid headaches and get on with their fundraising mission.

In 2009 Christian discovered the secrets to getting approval for his client’s IRS 501(c)3 applications for tax-exempt status. Over the next four years he worked with a team developing a reliable web-based software that creates and approves non-profits called Turbo1023. You can find out more about Turbo1023 and Instant Non-Profit at