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Linda interviews Will Zoldak with Hosted Telecom Solutions

Linda interviews Will Zoldak with Hosted Telecom Solutions

Pathways to success

Join Linda and Will as they recreate Will Zoldak’s journey to success.

Based in Reading, MA Hosted Telecom Solutions, Inc does most of its business in the Greater Boston area and is dedicated to giving the best quality telecommunications experience to its customers. 

Will ZoldakWill Zoldak and company works with the best Hosted VoIP platforms in the marketplace for our customers for whom Hosted VoIP is a good fit, and we work with our trusted on-premise VoIP and traditional PBX vendors in the Massachusetts marketplace.  We manage our customer’s network services, such as T-1 and fiber optic, with the telecom carriers that our due diligence studies show give the best quality/ price ratio available.
Will has been in the IT/Telecom business since 1994 and has experienced the Telecom boom from the beginning.  As Will speaks to Linda about his experiences and recommendations for current consumers, you can hear how knowledgeable and passionate he is about his industry.
Getting his career start wasnt always easy. Will’s focus was philosophy and computer science as he graduated from  McAllister College in St. Paul, Minnesota. with double majors.  Then moved on to Graduate School at Columbia University with Phd in philosophy and mathematics where he thought he would like to become a local professor.  After taking some time off he discovered he wasnt really satisfied doing research and shifted focus to a more entreprenur spirit. Will began to move towards the financial sector and truly enjoyed consulting with family’s and individuals.  1994 was year of change for Will as the market took hit, he realized that giving these same family’s bad news, wasnt his forte. reinventing himself once again Will Zoldak found himself in the telecom boom. He started with a small start-up reselling telecom from Verizon, and moved to bigger endeavours. after honing in on his skills, Will decided to open up his own business in 2009. Today Hosted Telecom Solutions, Inc is one of the leading providers in the Boston area for IT/Telecom solutions.

The Lemonade Stand features Will Zoldak from Hosted Telecom Solutions.


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