Andy Pratt’s big hit, Avenging Annie, in 1973, was a mainstay on the Billboard Hot 100, spending ten weeks on the chart. It propelled Andy to long career in the music industry.

Andy Pratt - Boston Rock Legend - Music Entertainment

In 1969 he released his debut album , Records Are Like Life. But it was Avenging Annie that propelled Pratt, and he worked with various Boston-area bands, such as Aerosmith, and toured Europe. In 1973, Pratt signed with Columbia Records. He released Andy Pratt in 1973, which achieved modest commercial success. Avenging Annie was used on the soundtrack to the film Velvet Goldmine in 1998. Pratt also signed with Atlantic Records. Bee Gees producer Arif Mardin was recruited for a more commercial approach on Resolution. In 1977, after a concert for 7000 people in Boston’s City Hall Plaza. Pratt then went through a life changing period and converted to Christianity, moving to Europe in 1987. He produced the religious pop album Motives. He performed at festivals and in churches. Not Just for Dancing (recorded with Stephen Hague), Fun in the First World and Heaven & Earth were re-released on a single CD. Pratt returned to Boston in 2004 and started a new band with Sal Baglio and John Troy. In 2006, Pratt signed a deal with Ran Song Express Publishing to publish his personal memoirs, Shiver in the Night.


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Andy was awarded an B.A. in English Literature in 1968 from Harvard College.

Today, Andy is involved with the music scene more than ever as he continues to perform, releasing albums, and mentor up and coming artists on their journey through the music industry.