Interview with Rick Brutti represented a quick overview of the many considerations involved in developing for the right reasons a community of support around your business

Keith Spiro Interview with Rick Brutti of MYOB Radio Show and Podcast

First, it’s all about the buyer. Your planning has to start and end with what the value is to the person considering a purchase or connection with you and your business.

Clients will decide when and where they will buy, they do not want to be sold to. This is part of the new rules of sales and customer engagement. Inbound Marketing rules over traditional push marketing. Inbound quite simply is based on the creation of relevant content. Content Marketing becomes having enough specific content of value to each individual constituency and not one type fits all brochures or product spec sheets. Nobody cares. People today do most of their homework online long before they contact a business.

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Personal Branding becomes important to every individual as in not only do you take your reputation with you, but whatever goes online, stays online forever. This requires a well thought out communication plan of who you are and what you, as an individual, represent. Companies and jobs change but people buy from people they like and trust. Can they find you?

On the subject of budgeting for content creation, production, distribution and marketing, Keith Spiro, Business Strategist and Community Builder, stated that whether you have a large budget or just a very small amount of money to spend, he can work with you to create a strategy and plan as long as you are willing to invest some time. Content creation and marketing can be done with just a short but consistent amount of time regularly applied.

The real value of content marketing to your business is a web searchable content accumulation over time. For more information or help with your project, contact