Curtis inspires the group as he talks about the challenges one faces and how to overcome them.

The Bridge of Deliverance International Founder, minister and former heavyweight boxer Earthquake Kelley joins Rick Brutti, Steve Crowley, Mo Saeed and Jim Barbieri Principal & Co-Founder at Horizon International Investment Group LLC.


Bishop Curtis Earthquake Kelley - Boxer - Earthquake Kelley Ministries
We had a packed studio as everyone wanted to hear what Earthquake had to say.

As former professional boxer-turned-Hollywood pastor, Bishop Curtis “Earthquake” Kelley is sharing his powerful anointed message with people around the world. He describes how he helps people.

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Former heavyweight boxer Curtis “Earthquake” Kelley is founder and pastor of The Bridge of Deliverance International in Hollywood, California. His story about a trip he had to Heaven following a brain aneurysm is also found in his moving book, “Bound to Lose, Destined to Win” which is available now. In this powerful book, pastor and former heavyweight boxer Curtis “Earthquake” Kelley shares an extraordinary testimony of his salvation and deliverance from voodoo and sorcery. Read about his near-death experiences–first, after dying from a drug overdose as a teenager and entering hell, then years later, after dying of a brain aneurysm and entering Paradise. Learn more at: