Isaiah started his business, with two of his friends Zack and Patrick, back when he worked in the SEO industry

Isaiah Bollinger, CEO of Trellis, talks about Internet Marketing

Isaiah Bollinger is the co-founder and CEO of Trellis.

Trellis is a full service business development and digital agency–specializing in SEO, eCommerce, webdesign, web development, PPC, internet marketing, and social media management.

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Having worked for small and midsize companies for a number of years, he received 100+ requests on web designing. Realizing the huge demand for web designing, Zack, Patrick and himself made the career transition to create a web designing service to meet that demand, before venturing into marketing–“you can’t market a site if it is not good” he’s says. Having 10 people and under on the staff, his team helps companies on web designing on a small scale through wordpress and Magneto. Today he continues to help businessess grow by enhancing their information technology and online marketing components in their business model.

Trellis, he says, is moving forward in a positive direction on all major fronts including technology, sales, marketing, employee productivity, and product development. With a strong YOY growth rate, Isaiah will continue to grow Trellis into a leading WordPress & Magento web design and Internet marketing service provider.

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