Trellis separates themselves from the rest of the internet companies because they not only work on development but they also do marketing.

Isaiah Bollinger - CEO Co-Founder at Trellis - Boston - Information Technology


Isaiah Bollinger is the founder of his own company, called Trellis, and he is only 24. He always knew he wanted to have his own business. While growing up Isaiah was technology oriented and he quickly learned computers. In high school he developed a love for finance. He attended the University of Wisconsin, where he majored in economics and psychology.

After graduating Isaiah went home to help his parents work on their businesses. Both of Isaiah’s parents started their own companies and were great inspirations. Isaiah truly understood the internet and how companies could best leverage it to set themselves apart. At the same time, he knew that a “one size fits all” model would never work when dealing with the internet because all companies are different and the web is so vast. He took these ideas and started Trellis.

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Isaiah explains that Trellis is actually a new brand name and that his company started under the title Move Digital. No matter what the name, the message is still the same; to customize digital development. They primarily focus on the eommerce field and work with small businesses.

At Trellis, Isaish and his team work with each company in depth and really get to know them. Isaiah believes that every company has at least a small competitive advantage and he wants to work to their strengths. After getting to know the company he works with them to create a customized plan from a technology development side and a marketing side.