Jacqueline Brodnitzki joins us today to talk about the re-launching of the show She’s Got It, on the UR Business Network

Jacqueline Brodnitzki, MFCP, CMC - Principal at Bates - Professional Training & Coaching


The show will cover different topics about women in leadership, from the different styles and perspectives they bring to the table, to how they inspire and engage others. Who better than to talk to us about women in leadership than Jacqueline.

Jacqueline is the president of Conscious Success, where she works as a coach and a consultant for individuals and businesses. Jacqueline brings a unique perspective to the coaching field, by combining over 15 years of corporate management and training expertise with 10 years of teaching and coaching of focus and productivity techniques to help companies increase employee performance, engagement, motivation and profits. She helps companies build lasting intrinsic motivation. Jacqueline says that people are most motivated at work when their needs are being met and they are using their talents. She is also an accomplished author and speaker.

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She’s Got It, will talk with female leaders. Jacqueline is interested in tips that delete ‘that’ these women have that can help other women succeed. The show will also be informational for men who want to understand how women work and how the two sexes can work together, which is of the upmost importance.

During this interview Jacqueline talks about two of the five essential qualities that make a good leader, no matter what your gender:

You have to be vulnerable‚ÄĒvulnerability leads to strength
You have to be willing to accept failure and learn from your mistakes