There are always ways to target your demographics

Mike Koshko - Marketing Director Digital Social Media Strategist - Marketing and Advertising

Rick Brutti found his guest Mike Koshko of Sigma 7 Group on twitter and invited him on MYOB along with Marci Nault author of The Lake House. Early on, Mike found his management consulting client’s needed to understand and build Social Media Strategies. Sigma 7 Group offers businesses help to better understand and identify their value, how to reach their audience and convert leads into sales.

They first discover what the business is doing on social media, determine their business insight and what’s important for them. It may be: sales, lead management, engagement, conversion, etc.

Sigma 7 Group recommends a platform solution depending on thier client’s goals, target demographics, and the type of content they wish to deploy to engage thier audience.

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With this approach the word engagement is key. Nevertheless, this word has a different meaning for each business or position you work with, it could be reach people, feedback, sales, or growing your audience. So again you need to find what exactly you need to accomplish as your main focus.

Mike’s opinion regarding social media posts is that “the way you talk on Twitter is definitely not the way you talk on Facebook.” He recommends that time is taken to realize which message resonates better on which platform. Mike has a biase toward relying heavily on automation to distribute your message. It is better to do the work yourself and spend as much time in social media as you can.

We Create Digital SolutionsAnother insight Mike provides us is that you don’t need to look at your analytics everyday, rather every 30 days to gain perspective on just what workes, what didn’t, what needs to change and when to try new things. The advantate of social media is that you can take a risk or a chance, taking these chances and providing the analytic feedback is the value add to you clients.

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