Rich Rodman tells us why you need to use his company Crowdentials

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Rich Rodman pointed out that there is going to be a big change in the business world that could potentially help entrepreneurs.
Come September 23rd people will be allowed to generally solicit. This will allow entrepreneurs to let people that they might not necessarily know that they are raising capital.

Rodman is one of the founders and the CEO of Crowdentials, a companay that helps buisnesses and investors stay compliant with the law. We take care of compliance and you take care of business, says Rodman.

When entrepreneurs are starting their businesses they usually spend 50 percent to 70 percent of their time looking for investors. You don’t want to be spending all that time looking for investors only to find one that isn’t accredited, it can really screw everything up for you, says Rodman. Thats where his company Crowdentials comes in.

Crowdentials also takes some of the pressure off for both the entrepreneur and the investor, by making it so that personal financial information does not need to be released.

For Crowdentials, they are all about the customer. They are a very versitile company and will be whatever the customers need them to be.

And Crowdentials is not done growing. Their goal is to go gloabal. They want to create a system that they can globally integrate because they are finding that a lot of their customers keep their money internationally or have international investors.