Fundraising Online to Help People or Causes You Believe In

Entrepreneurs Brian McCourt and Ron Norton discuss their new startup,, and their path to entrepreneurship With Rick Brutti & Mary-Alice Brady.


SharingCounts unites loved ones during health challenges.

It is a safe, secure place for individuals and/or caregivers to share their health progress and for friends and family to emotionally and financially support others in their time of need.

A Cause page is a place for an individual or their caregiver to update loved ones on health progress through journals, photos, and videos, and also for friends and family to express emotional and financial support.

The idea for SharingCounts rose from a common ground shared by founders Brian and Ron: a heartfelt dedication to raising funds and awareness for Neurodegenerative diseases, specifically multiple sclerosis (MS) and Alzheimer’s disease

There’s more to online fundraising than just creating a webpage. It requires planning, creativity, and getting on a personal level with your online communities so that people understand your plight and join you in support.

SharingCounts addresses the wide-ranging needs that individuals and their family and friends have when confronted with a health challenge; keeping family and friends up to date with their condition, and letting people know about their needs, both emotional and financial while at the same time providing a way to empower family and friends to get involved and help.

SharingCounts is now undergoing a national expansion effort in the U.S. market and looks to help the 10,000 people per day whom are diagnosed with critical illnesses and the countless others who are victims of accidents and injuries.


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