“On the Road with Tom Martin” Talks with Serial Entrepreneur and Director of “StartupGrind Greenwich” Peter Sinkevich

Peter Sinkevich - Serial entrepreneur, advisor, investor and public speaker

We talk about being a serial entrepreneur today on our show.

In his 20+ year career as a serial entrepreneur, business consultant and now director of the Greenwich, Connecticut chapter of the “StartupGrind” networking organization, Peter Sinkevich has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs in more than 18 different business sectors — and he recently shared the insights and wisdom he has culled from this vast experience. During a recent conversation with “On the Road with Tom Martin” and “MYOB Radio” host Rick Brutti, Sinkevich spoke about his own journey as an entrepreneur, the mistakes he sees most frequently made in startup situations, and the new opportunities that now exist for those passionate about following their vision.

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Since his start in the business working as chief technology officer with a startup gaming company in the mid-1990s, Sinkevich has worked with countless individuals seeking to bring their ideas to the market place and with internationally known household brands. 

Each experience has resulted in the wisdom and experience he now shares with those attending the monthly meetings of “StartupGrind Greenwich” – one of 100 chapters of the rapidly-growing “StartupGrind” organization popping up around the globe. In this interview, Sinkevich explains why it’s so valuable for entrepreneurs and those launching start-up businesses to connect with like minded individuals and to offer help to their colleagues whenever possible.