Prior to launching her firm she served as both a main news anchor for the #1 rated 6pm newscast in the Boston market and as a reporter for WCVB-TV, NewsCenter5

Liz Brunner - Broadcast Media - WCVB, Channel 5, WTVT, WCIA-TV

Liz Brunner is the CEO and founder of Brunner Communications.  Brunner is now sought by high-profile individuals and organizations to build meaningful reputations within their markets. She also leads workshops and speaks at corporate conventions about reputation and brand building.

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Liz talks about how daunting it was to leave her news career and start her own company. It took much courage to make this career transition. She had to consider what skills she had and how she could transfer them from broadcasting to business. She also had to learn a whole new set of terminology since broadcasting lingo is so different from business lingo. The key ingredients to the successful launch of her company were getting the advice of and surrounding herself with smart people, pushing through fear, believing in herself, and knowing her authentic self. Her leadership is a participative style—she accepts input and ideas and then makes a her decisions.

Liz’s top leadership tips are:

  • Have positive energy and passion for what you do
  • Encourage creativity and have high expectations for the efforts of others
  • Be a good listener and communicator
  • Be open to new ways of doing things
  • Know your own personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Be decisive
  • Surround yourself with really strong people

Her tips for inspiring others are: believe in them, inspire creativity, and thank them. Liz feels a life well lived is one in which we’re continually willing to learn and grow, are authentic and vulnerable, and think about what’s next. She encourages us to ask ourselves, “What passions do I have?” and “What else might I like to do?”

Liz was one of the first reporters to cover the Boston Marathon bombings. She was inundated with varying information coming in moment by moment and she had to carefully choose what to share so she could accurately report what was happening. She had to be calm, confident and clear to get accurate information out and not raise panic. These same skills are necessary for great leaders.

Liz’s final advice is to be passionate about what you do, be open to learning, and be a good, authentic person.