Stacey Alcorn, CEO mentor and business strategist, shares her top leadership tips on She’s Got It

Stacey Alcorn - Owner & Chief Happiness Officer at LAER Realty Partners Real Estate

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Stacey talks about how she came from humble beginnings to own a variety of thriving businesses, including the largest Massachusetts based real estate firm, a law firm, a consulting business and a fashion line.

In 2013 Stacey and her two partners launched The REACH Movement and now teach others through seminars, workshops, and high performance groups how to REACH!.

Her love of reading gave her access to many experts who provided the inspiration and know how to go after her goals and create big success in her life. The importance of being passionate and an inspiration, as Stacey mentions, makes a great difference in how well the work culture lives and thrives. She emphasizes to put the culture above the company.

She explains that we can reach our goals by reaching out to our network, no matter how small, to find those who can help.

Stacey shares her top 5 leadership tips which have helped her grow her real estate business from 15 agents 10 years ago, to 300 agents today. She recommends leading by example and says, “Your organization is a mirror of your beliefs.”

She also shares her biggest lesson learned and the secret to achieving sustained success in life, even during market corrections and downturns.