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Clark Smidt, lifelong media participant & advisor offers observations, solutions and connections for new business

Clark Smidt at offers digital solutions for radio connecting to the multiple changes already underway in 2017.  New mass-appeal radio formats, the Boomer audience, no cost adjustments and advertiser benefit from radio’s double digit Return On Investment.

7 DECADES OF MEDIA EXPOSURE:  ‘50s New York City, Live TV; ‘60s Newspaper, start on AM/TV/Built 3kw FM; ‘70s Boston Broadcast Management – WBUR, Group W, CBS; ‘80s Broadcast Advisor, multiple clients / markets – Maine to NYC; ‘90s/’00s Owner/Operator/Licensee, NH Broadcast Chairman, Start-Ups, Turn-Arounds, Radio-TV Synergy;  Today:  New Formats, Advertising & Brand Campaigns, Delivery, Content, Presentation, Business Development, Commercial/Non-Comm, Tower/Station Connections and Digital Solutions.

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