“How can I identify communication gaps, troubleshoot challenges, and improve my relationship with IT to not only complete more projects, but increase the quality and value of those projects?”

Meghan Lockwood - Greater Boston Marketing and Advertising

For an organization to succeed, it is critical that Marketing and IT work together to capitalize on the latest technology and data science strategies to convert prospects into customers. This is a challenge, as a recent study from Marketing Sherpa found that in comparison to other professionals, marketers were:

• 53% more controlling
• 19% more open to change
• 36% more focused on concepts than details

Projects or initiatives can quickly go off course if there is a breakdown in communication between cross-functional departments. This is especially true for marketers when collaborating with individuals that inherently focus more on the details than concepts.

Listen to Meghan Lockwood on Marketing Tech Talk


Meghan Lockwood returns to Tech Talk. Meghan is one of two Marketing Managers at TribalVision responsible for implementing end-to-end marketing plans for its clients. She shared these seven mistakes to avoid:

• Not communicating business case
• Failing to collaborate on a project plan
• Ignorance of technical requirements
• Apathy for IT’s bandwidth constraints
• Unclear expectations for project stages
• Unarticulated final product vision
• No strategy for dealing with inevitable hiccups