How the comedy business is more than just funny business

Bill Connolly - Soft Skills Expert - Comedian - Professional Coach - Marketer - Author of "The Success Disconnect"​ & "Funny Business"

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The interview related to how Bill got involved with comedy and how he has found that it relates to marketing and branding in particular.
Bill described how he had evolved from a stand-up comic to improv.

He mentions who his mentors were and where he had received training. Connolly is pleased with living in the Boston area because of the vibrant community in the comedy business.

An important part of his comments was his insistence that people waste a lot of time thinking about what could have been instead of living in the now.

Connolly views comedy as a type of therapy. Comedians have a responsibility to make the audience feel accepted. We cover a variety of issues and make people think that they are not the only people who think a certain way.

Connolly’s book Funny Business came from a realization that he could integrate his skills in comedy with his skills in marketing.

The message Connolly wants to get across is your going to regret the things you didn’t do, far more than the things you did do, and that is what he hopes people learn from reading his book.

Connolly is very proud of his book, because of all of the people who talked to him and were a part of his book. He is humbled by the support that he has received since publishing.

Connolly’s big piece of advice: Don’t be afraid of failing, everybody has bombed and nobody got killed because a single word was misspelled in an email.