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  • September 5, 2019

How to Start a Coffee Shop with No Money

How to Start a Coffee Shop with No Money

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It is a common conception that you will require some amount of capital if you wish to start up a successful business of your own. This holds true even if you wish to start a coffee shop. But what if you do not have any money to use as capital? Will it be possible for you to start your dream coffee shop without any money? Surprisingly, the answer to this question is “yes”. However, you will require a great of hard work and dedication to fulfil your dream of starting a coffee shop without the use of any money as capital.

Just like any restaurant, even coffee shops are rather popular and successful business options. You will find thousands of coffee shops coming up each year all over the globe. People drink plenty of coffee and there are several excuses to have coffee. You may either wish to have some private time with your beloved at a coffee shop over a cup of coffee or you may wish to discuss your business strategies with your team over a cup of coffee or you may even wish to have a blind date at a coffee shop. According to a recent data, over 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year all over the world.

Before you even think about giving shape to your dream project of opening a coffee shop, it is important for you to know that coffee shops are also small scale businesses and suffer from a high failure rate. Although opening a coffee shop is a great business idea, this statement also holds true for such a business idea. You have to bear a considerable amount of risk when you start a new coffee shop. If you do not have enough money to do so, the amount of risks increases manifold. Nonetheless, it is possible to start your own coffee shop without any money as capital.

Ideas to Start a Coffee Shop without Any Money

When it comes to starting a coffee shop of your own without any money as capital, you have to take calculated and properly thought-of steps. Here are some ideas to help you start your own coffee shop even if you do not have any money to start.

Proper Planning: The first step towards starting your own coffee shop without involving any money as capital is to have a solid plan. It is needless to say that there can never be any substitute for planning. Although starting a coffee shop business may seem too simple for you, there is still an urgent need of a proper plan. If you wish to start your coffee shop business without the use of any money as capital, then you better have a solid plan to start the business. Without a proper plan, starting a coffee shop may seem next to impossible. However, even if you do manage to start one, it is quite likely that it will fail sooner than you can expect.

Co-Operative: If you do not have any money to use as capital for your dream coffee shop project, then one of the safest and highly proven ways to fulfil your dream is to work with someone else who has the resources to help five shape to your dream project. This is basically a co-operative kind of business venture. In such a business, you basically work with people with proper finances to be invested in your coffee shop. They get a fair percentage of the profit in return of their investment. While running the coffee shop, you can certainly work out the various financial arrangements with your team. Any successful co-op will need a proper and detailed business plan, a willingness to share responsibilities, and also a willingness to go that extra step to make the business venture a big success.

Join Another Successful Business: One of the best and biggest advantages of a coffee shop over any other form of food service business is the fact that these can easily be setup in a pretty small area. There is no need to look for a large space for your customers and there is no such requirements of a large storage space for your materials. You simply require a proper place to serve, a place where your customers can sit down to have their coffee and a suitable coffee maker. A rather inexpensive way to start a coffee shop is to start your business in another success business shop, which has a considerable amount of customer base. If you can piggyback on a successful business, you can easily reach a new clientele who can enjoy a cup of coffee while fulfilling their need to visit the parent business. For example, you can easily open a coffee shop in a popular bookstore or a popular super store.

Try And Find A Rich Co-Founder: Although money is important in life, it is not everything. It may so happen that you have the necessary skills and idea to start up a successful business. However, when it comes to money, you are not that fortunate. At the same time, there must be someone, who has money, and is also willing to start up a business. However, he lacks proper ideas and skills to do so. It will be a good idea to search for such a person. It may so happen that a person with money may either be too busy to start a business or lacks relevant experience and skills or lacks motivation and courage. If you can manage to find such a person, you can easily partner together to start off a successful coffee shop.

Use the Internet: In this modern era, the entire world is connected to each other through internet. In fact, it can also be said that a successful business is one that actually exists online. You will barely require $100 and you can easily set up a great website where you can sell coffee to customers. It is true that you will come across lesser barriers if you go online. However, it is also true that low entry barriers often cause the fiercest of competitions. Nonetheless, it is still worth the try. Choosing the internet path can help you enjoy multiple benefits. Firstly, you can easily build your reputation and brand about the coffee. You can also seek help of the various social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Check out The Various Small Business Funding Options: Depending upon the location of your coffee shop, you may find some business funding options available. You may either check this out with several relevant local or even not-so-local organizations such as NGOs, small business administrations, online platforms, and banks to name a few and also explore the various funding options that are available for you. It is true that at times you can easily come up with various good opportunities with the help of such a research work. However, it basically depends on several individual circumstances, such as your positions, locations, and background. Whatever be the case, it is always better to approach this type of mechanisms with utmost prudence. Make sure to check the various terms and conditions carefully and in full when you receive any type of funding. Also, ensure that you know what you are going to accept and your own rights and obligations.

Give It Some Time And Save: If you are unable to get any solution from any of the options listed above, it is always better to wait for some time and save up the capital. There are basically 2 important components of this process. First of all, try to maximize all of your earnings as much as possible. Try and leverage all of your available income sources such as freelance, wage, cashbacks, and similar things. Secondly, you may start off building the different parts of your dream business that basically need a small amount of money which is easily affordable for you. Try and get as much of your business ready as possible, before you manage to have the necessary amount of money needed to give shape to your dream project of running a coffee shop.

Crowdfunding: This happens to be a comparatively new way of funding. Nonetheless, it does offer numerous advantages over any traditional business loan. Firstly, there is no need for you to have a good credit to receive necessary amount of funds from this source. Add to that the fact that you can easily build up a proper customer base from the people who invest in your business. If you can manage to plan your crowdfunding effort the right way, you will simply need to pay back the taxes from the money that you received and also owe your backers nothing more than what you had promised. It is good for you to note that raising sufficient amount of funds through crowdfunding may not be as simple as it may sound to you. This is especially true if you are planning to start a local coffee shop.

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